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Ace Artiste Management

Ace Artist Management was founded by Danielle C. Milli. A lady born of humble beginnings, Danielle was introduced into the business world prematurely by way of necessity, due to poverty. A firm believer in GOD, a non-believer in coincidence she applied calculated decision making, mixed with persistence and perseverance to create a way out, contrary to expectations. Blazing trails through corporations such as “Panasonic” on her road to success.

“Public Relations By Someone Who Cares”

As an Entertainer, you know and value the importance of a good PR Firm. As the demand grows for constant exposure to remain relevant, it can be very difficult and costly, as if that were not enough, Good Luck finding a PR firm that actually cares about your Career. Now, you have found that one!

Danielle C. Milli, Founder of Positive Results PR., personally selects projects and clients she “BELIEVES” in! It will not be easy to obtain the services of Ms. Milli, but previous clients claim, it will be worth it!

Clients rave, “Her dedication & Belief in her clients is unmatched in the industry” – Braxton A Cosby

“You are my Super Woman D.C. Milli” – Alize Levy

“She’s Something Like A Genius” – Austin Trout

The Proof is in the results!! Her services range from Radio, TV, Print Magazines, Appearances, Interviews, Blogs, Social Media Management, Brand Consultations & More! Danielle C Milli is rapidly becoming an Industry Favorite!