Montserratian's Lives Matter

Montserratian's Lives Matter

Confidence to knowledge is like kryptonite to a fool
One man equals nine votes in school
Accept this without constituency a present rule
Colonialism may shake our souls till we drool
We all may die as bastard British mules
Understand this, Montserratians are not tools
Blinded eyes open, now we demand, and this is cool

Slavery was about manipulation finance, and a fight
For these lands, black blood flowed day and night
Strength was huge, thievery, loots guarded by knights
Sympathy was in the dictionary for military might
Slavery was between shit and syphilis, someone’s right
Colonisation was designed to grab wealth despite
To this bullshit somebody must shine a light

When one family owns an island from sea to sea
Freedom to finance that cultivation was on slavery
Yet at the turn of emancipation did they pay a penny?
Today, annual taxes for these lands do we benefit any?
Like the Clotilde is the evidence burnt or buried
It’s representation for development, to dependency
For a progressive country we need constituencies

If we prolong the inevitable we can’t harness injustice
But one man nine votes is fertilizing our prejudice
One man, eight good friends make us an accomplice
Winning on that platform still? C’mon are we novices?
Responsibility to the people is your job whilst in office
Take a bold stand against these cruel acts and seal the crevice!
I am not attacking, but a call to action, do not promise

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor