Party Politics

Let me state right here, I am not sanctioning or asking to vote for the Republican Party. That is a no! no!

Party Politics

Party politics sucks! Imagine, the party that was for Blacks - ‘The Republican Party’ - now becomes the one who is suppressing Blacks with a satanic like leader.

The corrupt status of politics is that Abe Lincoln was a Republican who on New Year’s Day 1863 signed the Emancipation proclamation. Today, in 2020, we are holding on with baited breath because we only believe - yes we are not sure - whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party will in the long run have our backs.

It is legal to have a gun, in some cases shoot a person dead; usually a black man, but there is no law that forbids lynching as yet. Don’t get me wrong I am not against anyone having a gun. I just don’t think we need automatic rifles. But I digress.

In 1937, the New York City Youth Council of the NAACP marched against lynching in NewYork City in front of the Strand Theatre in Times Square. That law failed to pass in the Senate. Today in 2020 the law still continues to fail every time it goes to the senate. So Which Party is Protecting US!!!!!

An African American Republican, John Lynch representing Mississippi said this back in the 1930’s; “The colored voters cannot help but feel that in voting the Democratic ticket in national elections they will be voting to give their endorsement [sic] and their approval to every wrong of which they are victims, every right of which they are deprived, and every injustice of which they suffer.”

It was that white racist Democratic Party that implemented Jim Crow laws for white supremacy.

It was not until the 1960’s with the civil rights action that the Democratic Party became the so called Black voters party. The arrogance to say: ‘If you don’t vote for the Democratic Party you are not Black." Where was your party all those years? Don’t tell me who is Black when generations suffered by voting along party lines.

Then this present Republican scoundrel is trying to keep his party and reverse history by implementing any racist rule that will stagnate Blacks, or the impoverished Whites, for they are the populous foundation of the Democratic votes. That was the antiquated system utilized by whites from 1876 till about 1944. Opposing every Civil Rights for Blacks, by the then racist Democratic Party. This then eased slowly until the 1960’s, because of the Civil Rights movement, which changed the Democratic Party to the party it is today.

Tell me, do Black Lives Matter? Both parties have occupied the Senate since and before 1937, when the youth council marched. Tell me when will our value be seen? Are we accepted across this land for equality or equity?

Let me state right here, I am not sanctioning or asking to vote for the Republican Party. That is a no! no!

I am blatantly telling the Democratic Party to show me what they can and will do.

A Black man lost his life for running in a white neighborhood in 2020, where he was shot! A White police officer cradled his knees on a Black man’s neck with his hands in his pockets resting casually, even after he drew his last breath, he killed him.

No one is looking out for these idiosyncratic laws that are against us. There should be laws looking out for the safety and security of our lives like every other - Whites, Jews and Gentiles. Why eliminate the Blacks from that protective system?

Black people helped build every damn city across America just like the Whites. It does not matter the status - Black labor was applied. Blacks built and served in the White House. Equality is too big a word for some twisted minds.

Today, yesterday and forever as humans, all lives matter; but in your minds eye of equality unless you are not tuned in to life’s reality and our history you will join and say ‘Black Lives Matter’ regardless of your party affiliation. 

Pass the laws that protect us.