About MNI Alive

MNI Alive is Marketing, News & Information Media. We are more than your traditional online newspaper. We term ourselves to be traders of information.

Our vision is to connect and engage people, businesses and service providers globally to each other, using the power of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

At MNI Alive Media our output is one where we combine traditional news reporting with a vibrant mix of thought provoking, and insightful opinion feature pieces. We further combine our information delivery to include a professional, innovative and modernised avenue where we provide marketing, promotional and advertising services for business, individual or service provider who may desire such.

MNI Media is uniquely positioned to deliver not just news and information but also to be a connective resource across a range of platforms to include entertainment, politics, business, empowerment, health and much more.

Mission Statement

MNI Alive Media's vision is to give media visibility to the voiceless and to the underexposed. We aim to be a content exchange environment where information is shared in a professional manner on a professionally managed media outlet.